10k OKAY

     Sunday morning at WAY TO EARLY I ran the BAA 10K…not gonna lie I was really terrified about this run.  The map the BAA sent out made the run look like a joke (aka no hills) but that turned out not to be the case.  So at 8:20 they released my pace group and we were OFF!  I am always blown away during my races by the ludicrous running styles out there.  There was one man that looked like he was stubbing his toes with each step and wasn’t swinging his arms at all…all I could think was how long can the body run in that form?

How do I tie this back to Dana Farber?  WELL the Dana Farber runners are an amazing group of people.  We can pick any race we want to to earn money to fight cancer.  I have picked the BAA Half Marathon in October because it gives me a good goal to strive for physically tied with a goal mentally to help people.  WIN WIN…that being said there were a fair number of Dana Farber runners out on Sunday morning wearing their orange singlets sporting names of people they run for and it will always move me.  I will always be proud of them.

So here I am…my body is ready for 6.2 miles.  Time to ready it for 14 miles!  And on that note here is my running song of the week.  This song MIGHT seem like a slow one to run to but trust me put it on your player and you will find your feet running to this beat getting you to about a 9:30-9:40 pace which in my opinion is A-OKAY.

Click the Home Vs Home link below it is by The Xcerts.  I discovered this band while listening to a lot of Scottish bands and given the sound was surprised to learn they are from Jersey.  This song will BLOW YOUR MIND

Home Vs Home

Please take a min to visit by Dana Farber page the link is to the right.  🙂




“You Run Like Tina Fey!”

Years ago back in my college days my best friend told me “You run like Tina Fey!” and started laughing endlessly…to which I was only able to respond “how do you know what she runs like?”  (apparently it was an American express commercial)

Having only seen me run from studio to the car to grab a burrito I am sure that is exactly how I looked!  When I signed up for my first half marathon last year I had only ever run a 5k and not really well at that…I think there is a photo of me out there leaning against a tree while I was supposed to be running.

The photo of me crossing the finish line of the half marathon is probably the happiest I have ever looked.  In fact my boyfriend even commented on it.  I am sure it had nothing to do with the fact that I had given up hope that the race would ever end.

This race lead to a knee injury that unfortunately put me out of commission for a few months.  When I had enough sitting around I signed up for a personal trainer determined to never let this happen again.  And of course skiing WAY to fast one WAY to much ice I sprained my knee after only two weeks of training…which once again put me out for a month.


1)  If you decide to sign up for a long run don’t go from 3 miles to 13 miles in one month.  Your legs can’t build the strength necessary to handle it.  My trainer has since worked with the muscles within my knee to build them to handle to impact of running as well as the distance.  I 100% believe you can do this without a trainer but I really look forward to my trainer time every week so there it stands.

2)  I am not patient…and apparently a lot more active than I thought because not being able to move properly really was depressing and waiting for it to feel better was more than I could handle.  To the point that my trainer and I devised a way around it and trained through it.

Happy to say that my knee is doing much better.  I ran 6.5 miles yesterday and it felt great!

2011 “You can prepare for the miles…you can’t prepare for the emotions.”

To start my bog I wanted to share my experience running the half marathon for Dana Farber last year…you can prepare for the miles…you can’t prepare for the emotions.

“In 2011 I ran for my Grandfather and Great Aunt.  I ran with the name of many people that I had been told about in the past few months who are loved by their families and friends and missed.  I opened the race with Rise Against – Savior which seemed appropriate.  At mile 5 DJ Khaled – All I do is Win came on and it was like a surge of energy shot through me.  At mile 8 I randomly pictured Papa Henry stubbing his toe on his green chair and the reaction he always had when he stubbed his toe and laughed out loud.  Around mile 10 two girls past me with “Kaylee age 7″ on their backs and it made me so proud to be running to hopefully stop that from ever happening again.  At mile 11 I ran past a camel in the zoo…it smelled and I thought about what one of my friends reactions would be to running past a camel…At 2 hours and 18 min I crossed the finish line feeling better…and in more pain that I think I have ever experienced but worth every painful step.

I raised $635 for Dana-Farber Jimmy Fund.  The Dana-Farber running team raised around $486,000!  Thank you to everyone for your amazing support!  I am looking forward to this experience again next year.”

This year I had sadly added to the list of people I run for.  This year I add my Grandmother who was a beautiful woman who exuded love, kindness, beauty, and intelligence in everything she did.  This death has hit me very hard but it has driven me even harder to do all I can to make sure others don’t feel the pain of being robbed.  I hope you enjoy following my journey to the half marathon where I will be sharing music, facts, and running horror stories (which really make everyone laugh).  If you want to help the Dana Farber cause and give to help them further their research please click the Dana Farber Icon in my links.  Even a small gift can change a life.

My goal is to post my running song of the week.  I must point out this isn’t necessarily always the music I typically listen to as running to Punk music doesn’t always work out.  This week my running hall of fame is Faithless – We Come 1 Enjoy!