“You Run Like Tina Fey!”

Years ago back in my college days my best friend told me “You run like Tina Fey!” and started laughing endlessly…to which I was only able to respond “how do you know what she runs like?”  (apparently it was an American express commercial)

Having only seen me run from studio to the car to grab a burrito I am sure that is exactly how I looked!  When I signed up for my first half marathon last year I had only ever run a 5k and not really well at that…I think there is a photo of me out there leaning against a tree while I was supposed to be running.

The photo of me crossing the finish line of the half marathon is probably the happiest I have ever looked.  In fact my boyfriend even commented on it.  I am sure it had nothing to do with the fact that I had given up hope that the race would ever end.

This race lead to a knee injury that unfortunately put me out of commission for a few months.  When I had enough sitting around I signed up for a personal trainer determined to never let this happen again.  And of course skiing WAY to fast one WAY to much ice I sprained my knee after only two weeks of training…which once again put me out for a month.


1)  If you decide to sign up for a long run don’t go from 3 miles to 13 miles in one month.  Your legs can’t build the strength necessary to handle it.  My trainer has since worked with the muscles within my knee to build them to handle to impact of running as well as the distance.  I 100% believe you can do this without a trainer but I really look forward to my trainer time every week so there it stands.

2)  I am not patient…and apparently a lot more active than I thought because not being able to move properly really was depressing and waiting for it to feel better was more than I could handle.  To the point that my trainer and I devised a way around it and trained through it.

Happy to say that my knee is doing much better.  I ran 6.5 miles yesterday and it felt great!


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