10k OKAY

     Sunday morning at WAY TO EARLY I ran the BAA 10K…not gonna lie I was really terrified about this run.  The map the BAA sent out made the run look like a joke (aka no hills) but that turned out not to be the case.  So at 8:20 they released my pace group and we were OFF!  I am always blown away during my races by the ludicrous running styles out there.  There was one man that looked like he was stubbing his toes with each step and wasn’t swinging his arms at all…all I could think was how long can the body run in that form?

How do I tie this back to Dana Farber?  WELL the Dana Farber runners are an amazing group of people.  We can pick any race we want to to earn money to fight cancer.  I have picked the BAA Half Marathon in October because it gives me a good goal to strive for physically tied with a goal mentally to help people.  WIN WIN…that being said there were a fair number of Dana Farber runners out on Sunday morning wearing their orange singlets sporting names of people they run for and it will always move me.  I will always be proud of them.

So here I am…my body is ready for 6.2 miles.  Time to ready it for 14 miles!  And on that note here is my running song of the week.  This song MIGHT seem like a slow one to run to but trust me put it on your player and you will find your feet running to this beat getting you to about a 9:30-9:40 pace which in my opinion is A-OKAY.

Click the Home Vs Home link below it is by The Xcerts.  I discovered this band while listening to a lot of Scottish bands and given the sound was surprised to learn they are from Jersey.  This song will BLOW YOUR MIND

Home Vs Home

Please take a min to visit by Dana Farber page the link is to the right.  🙂




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