What I Really Do

So here we are…I am 3 months away from my half marathon and past my halfway point for fundraising! Last week I ran in the 3.5 corporate chase…and to be honest it was the worst running experience of my LIFE. Envision a massive car wreck up ahead and 12,000 cars having to merge into one lane. That is the best way to describe the experience. Normally when you line up for a race you line up by pace. This ensures that the slower people don’t hold up the fast people. Now I am not a fast runner. I typically line up between the 9 min and 10 min pacers because I run at about 9:10-9:40 for the longer races. I arrived 5 min before start time and seeing the mass or people all standing in the 7-8 min pace section I realized that literally everyone had just tried to get as close to the start line as possible. Once the race began I stepped over the start pad and WALKED for the first min of my run!! There was such a cluster of people that no one could break away. That being said I spent the first two miles sprinting in zig zags to get around people. The walkers were everywhere. I really appreciate the people who come out to be in a race for even if they are walking. It is healthy and for a great cause. But there is a walking etiquette to follow. If you need to stop to walk pull to the side (much like a car on the highway). I ended up pairing up with a man who was yelling at everyone to get by them that seemed to work much better.

So this brings me to caption my image. I really did feel like I was running like a champ bobbing and weaving high stepping over curbs…but then it hit me, I was about 2 seconds away from hitting a pole. And having done that before I don’t recommend it! 🙂 I ended up running my first two miles at about a 8:00 pace. Which I knew that if I had kept that up I would have been violently ill at the end (which did happen to a friend of mine who was running at a 6:00 pace to get around people and threw up for about 30 min after the race was over)

But there is always a light at the end of the running tunnel. Afterwards I headed to one of my favorite bars with one of my favorite people and had a few nummy beers and Brie Grilled Cheese Sandwiches!

What I was running to:

What 11,400 people were running to:


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