the ominous WALL

Well…two months to go and I have hit two mental walls…One in my fundraising and one in my running…sadly I am less worried about the fundraising.

One month ago you read I was sitting pretty at 6 miles…well there is where I have stayed.  Sort of like traveling coach class sure it will get you there but LORD does it suck.  Admittedly a lot has happened in the last month I had two deadlines at work, moved, and went on a much needed vacation to the hot hot south and there is NO RUNNING in Alabama let me tell you.  I would attribute running in Alabama to something along the lines of sunbathing on the actual sun.  But I am not sure even the sun is as humid as Alabama.

Lets describe what happens during training when you hit a mental wall.  Motivation rapidly drops to zero, beer becomes the most appealing thing on the face of the earth, and not to mention breathing on a sofa seems more important than even putting running shoes on.

So how do I overcome this?  As of right now the jury is out.  I have a meeting with my personal trainer tomorrow where I will tell him I need to do something besides run that will keep my endurance up and well once again NOT BE RUNNING.

Which brings me to the Olympics which you think would inspire me but after seeing a Citi Bank Commercial about how the Olympians did nothing but train it got even more depressing.  I posted the humorous version that I am leaning towards.  I mean seriously if you haven’t read a book in a while…I don’t even know what to say to that.  Guess I won’t be winning gold but hopefully this week I will be back to running.


2 thoughts on “the ominous WALL

  1. Have an Oreo and take a breather. Then put those running shoes on, turn the music up out and just go out and let the world desolve. Just don’t end up in Rio Vista 🙂

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