In the Heart of the Beast They Will Lay

Less than two months out from my half marathon I am starting to compile my don’t stop running play list.  So today’s run was a test drive that was really inspired by my sister.  A few months ago I lent her one of my favorite bands Murder By Death.  Now busy as she is she FINALLY got around to listening to it and we had a nice little conversation about how sexy his voice is and how every time I listen to it I can picture myself playing it every second of it on my violin.  (Honestly after I write this my violin is coming out of it’s case)  After the conversation I of course put it on and listened to it all day and decided why stop now let’s run and see how this goes.  BEST RUN OF MY LIFE!  No pausing no cramps no pain just pure focused happiness.  Some people listen to books…some people listen to rap…why me.  I listen to this


And for those of you wondering…yes I am a classically trained violinist…and yes I love playing in a band that does music like this.


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