Just Breath

Welcome back to another running season!

I should start by saying I am not a professional, I am not fast, I am not a marathoner but I do love to run and love to read about it and train for it.  So here is my CYA anything I write in here is stuff that I have figured out that work for me (and some links to articles that I have found useful).  Make sure to listen to your own body and consult a doctor if you are just starting out.

So today I took a pole “what would you like to see me write about?” I got some good responses but decided to start out with Breathing.  I personally thought this was a good one because I have never had problems with my breathing so when two people mentioned it I wanted to see what I am doing that works and why so I could share it with others.

Here is your scenario, you are tired your legs are burning your arms feel heavy.  The best thing for your muscles at a time like this (aside from an amazing massage) is air, lots of it and controlled.  Take long deep breaths, pace your breathing like you pace your running.  If you find yourself gasping take a deep breath in.  This is what I always found worked for me so i did a search online for why.  Here is a great article.  “How to Breath When Running”  I have found for my that running is as much a mental exercise as it is a physical one.  While I run I am constantly adjusting how I breath and move.  When I have reached a comfort zone my mind checks out and I reach the zen part of my run.  This is my favorite part of my run as my body and breathing are in perfect sync and there is not a care in the world that enters my mind.  Please comment with any topics that you are interested in seeing me write about!


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