I am a runner…


I am a runner…I am a runner from Boston.  My first race of my running season was Sunday, hosted by the amazing BAA.   This was my boyfriend’s first race ever.  He was nervous and excited and I remembered being nervous and excited for mine.  He ran the entire thing in an amazing time.  We had to pleasure of crossing the Boston Marathon finish line as our finish line.  I can’t even tell you how amazing that felt unless you have crossed it as a marathoner yourself.  🙂 I believe you know where this is heading…

Marathon weekend in Boston is beyond amazing.  The weather is finally nice and the city feels like it is breathing new life.  Someone or someones thought they could destroy that for us, and destroy that for the multiple countries, cultures, religions…etc…that ran and watched the race.  SOMEONE was wrong! 

After receiving no less than 6 emails from my company saying they offer counseling I wanted to share my counseling with the world.  I run.  I run when I am angry, sad, happy, lost, in pain, in the rain and snow.  I cried while I ran my first half marathon because I was remembering my grandfather and my tears fueled me and pushed me to finish because I had run that race and raised that money for him.  The next time I run I might cry…I will be thinking of the beautiful people who died or were gravely injured to cheer on people they had never even met, and the people who had the finish line in sight but would never feel it under their feet and then I will remember the BAA volunteers who rushed forward with the Police to reach the injured and the runners who ran from Kenmore Square straight to MGH to give blood.  I will remember there are always heroes and that we runners and our fans are strong and loving.  I will run!!